24 Hours



Depending on the area your unit or home is, we will guarantee you a minimum monthly income based on historical rental data. We will also do a split of 80% – 20% +HST fee of the net revenue. You receive 80% on the net revenue and we get 20% +HST on the net revenue. 

Submit a request

Provided property address will be checked for long-term and property short-term rental regulations. We will contact about the potential earnings in the requested area within 5-7 days. 

Schedule a property viewing

We will go to your property to talk about all necessary design modifications. Our certified designers are aware of the latest design trends to ensure the property looks amazing and make sure the guest’s will have a relaxed and comfortable stay. We give you the option to test out our services and net revenue earning by allowing you to go month to month without a contract for as long as you wish, before signing a long term agreement.

Sign an agreement

Terms and conditions will be reviewed by both parties. They will then sign a property management agreement. Once finished, our company will receive a key to the property and start the listing preparation.

List property

Lastly, our team will take professional photos of the furnished property and guarantee it is listed within 5-7 days from the key submission day.